The question we receive the most is, “Is my home right for solar?” The answer to this varies from house to house.

There are a number of things to consider when trying to determine whether or not your house is a good candidate for solar. One of the main things to consider is how much sun your roof gets each year.

Solar companies have ways to figure this out using their internal data about your area combined with satellite data and information. There is also a way to find out this information on your own with the help of this tool from google.

Project Sunroof allows you to enter in your address to find an estimate of how much usable sunlight per year your roof receives, as well as an estimate of how much roof space you have.

Armed with this information you have what you need to know when consulting with a Solar company or putting up panels yourself. While this is just an estimate it could help you spot issues you may have going solar, such as too much tree cover, or not enough sunlight reaching your roof.

If you are considering going solar be sure to use our solar calculator. Our experts can let you know if solar is right for you and work with you to get your panels up and start saving both the environment and money on your energy bill.

Find out how much you could save, and learn more about purchasing or financing solar in your area