Save Energy

5Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Incandescent lighting may be cheap to produce, but it’s extremely ineffective. Only 5% of the energy is converted into light. To save on electricity, make the switch to energy-efficient lighting such as CFLs. These bulbs do cost more initially, but they are more effective at converting energy into light. Plus, these bulbs last longer, ultimately outweighing the initial cost.

4Reduce Water Consumption

Be mindful about how much water you use. Start by addressing any leaks in the home, as this wastes water every day. Next, install low-flow shower heads to reduce the water that comes out. Other smart changes include not running the sink when you’re shaving or brushing your teeth, using the dishwasher for full loads only, and using the auto-fill option on your washing machine.

Living a more sustainable life is something that will continue to reward you and your family for years to come. To learn more about the costs associated with installing a solar system and find out if your home is eligible, take a few moments to fill out our Solar Calculator so that we can connect you with an installer in your area:

3Upgrade Insulation

When you live on the East Coast, insulation is essential to keeping up with all four seasons. Good insulation holds in the heat so that you don’t need to run your furnace at all times. If you’re not sure if your home could use new insulation, contact an insulation company for a more thorough evaluation.

2Install a Smart Thermostat

One of the biggest sources of energy consumption in the home is running your heating and cooling equipment. Most households leave their heat or AC on all day and night, which means energy is constantly being produced and wasted. To save energy, you should try turning down your thermostat when you leave your home.

To help with this, you can install a programmable thermostat. These intuitive thermostats are programmed to turn on and off at preset times of the day. For example, you can set the thermostat to turn on 30 minutes before you get home from work or turn off as soon as you leave in the mornings.

1Install a Solar Panel System

Imagine if you could part ways with your electric company and start generating your own electricity. By installing solar panels on your home, you can do exactly that. Solar panels convert energy from the sun into usable electricity for the home. This energy is clean, and whatever is not used is sent back to the grid.

Thanks to advances in the solar industry, solar panel systems are more affordable and attainable than ever before. Many solar companies offer leasing options where homeowners don’t have to put anything down. If you can afford to buy the solar panel system outright, you can take advantage of all tax credits, rebates, and incentives.

Check out our Solar Calculator to learn more

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