If you’ve followed Wall Street news over the past week, you may be suspect of the volatility seen in the market these days. From GameSpot to AMC, even hedge fund managers are finding it hard to predict what’s up or what’s down these days.

But while short selling remains a high-risk, high-reward bet, there are still stocks that are forming the bedrock of growth and investment in America.

Right now, stock in the solar industry is one of them.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the MAC Global Solar Energy Index has generated a 233% return thus far, suring up long-term stability in the industry. But another reason to believe in the legitimacy of solar stock as a worthwhile investment can be seen as a result of the most recent election.
While Republicans like former President Donald Trump actively campaigned for the fossil fuel industry, the Democratic party is more aligned with clean and renewable energy efforts. The success of the “Blue Wave” electoral movement means that Democrats now control the Legislative and Executive branches of government, and economists across the spectrum believe that clean energy initiatives are at the top of their agenda.

While this could be anything from specific corporate investments to tax credits for individuals making the switch to solar, one thing’s for sure — it’s time to invest in some solar stock.

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