This week, the Kentucky Public Service Commission scored a major win for residential and rooftop solar customers in Kentucky.

The ruling came down after a utility company, Kentucky Power, submitted a proposal to gut net metering advantages for consumers in Kentucky. Net metering, which allows solar owners to sell extra energy produced by their panels back to the grid, is a big reason why customers switch to solar in the first place.

In its proposal, Kentucky Power sought to adjust their payment rate to solar customers to as low as $0.04 per kilo-watt hour. The commission instead ruled that the rate should be $0.10 per kilowatt-hour, more than double what the utility company had proposed.

This is a rare win for solar in the Bluegrass State. In 2019, Republican then-Governor Matt Bevin signed a law that hurt the payback rate of net metering across Kentucky, which opened the door for utility companies like Kentucky Power to try and lower solar payouts.

However, thanks to this latest ruling, Kentucky residents looking to save money on energy costs can still easily and profitably switch to solar.

Read more about the ruling here.

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