California has always been on the frontlines of solar energy development, and if regulators in the Sunshine State have it their way, they’ll soon replace the need for expensive energy grid updates entirely.

Dubbed the “Partnership Project,” solar advocates in California are opening the door to exchange the need for grid upgrades with distributed energy resources like rooftop solar panels and battery storage units to shared communities across the state.

Their goal is to crowd-source both energy customers and utility companies in a way that aggregates energy savings to reduce the pressure on local grids while distributing cheaper and cleaner energy to those pulling from it.

Projects like this have been attempted in the past, but the Partnership Project is the first to cut through regulatory red-tape and offer Californians a pay-as-needed approach to upgrading their electrical infrastructure with the most efficient technology on the market.

To put it simply, the more communities invest in solar, the more the entire grid can benefit via circumventing traditional upgrades with more efficient energy use.

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