Looking for a visually aesthetic way to gather solar energy in your home? Is your home also an apartment? Do you like origami? If you answered yes to these questions, “Solgami” might be made just for you. What is Solgami, though? It works by hanging in a window (much like blinds do) and generating electricity as light reflects against the panel’s folds. 

As far as aesthetics go, the design itself is very pleasing. By filtering light, it actually brightens the room up. The shape of Solgami itself is designed to bounce light between multiple solar panels, which generates more power. And, with adjustment, the blinds redirect the light reflected inside and changes the amount of electricity that is generated.

The amount of electricity generated is dependent on the size of the windows, the direction they face and other factors. Even if it doesn’t completely offset the electricity bill, it can still have a positive effect as more and more apartment dwellers in cities choose to go solar.

For more information on Solgami check out https://www.solgami.com/

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