As a nation of states, progress can only come when the people can make small changes at the local level. After that takes off, more states adopt it until it eventually becomes change at the national level.

That’s why when states invest in the right solar projects, the potential for a national solar initiative takes one step further into becoming an actual reality. From California’s trend-setting solar techniques to Indiana’s city-first approach, pockets of solar investment are paying dividends to communities nationwide.

Even in snowy Madison, Wisconsin, the first of five new solar energy projects in is currently under development.

Despite previous concerns that solar is only for the sunshine states, with the advent of new solar technology, the city is set to invest $1.4 million to create the five solar farms, which will increase the state’s solar capacity by 15% and add 40,000 solar panels to the region. Experts are expecting the solar panels to produce enough electricity to power 2,500 Wisconsin homes.

What state will be next to make the move to solar?

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