When scientists determined that cigarettes were officially harmful to your health, educators were quick to implement the newfound research into their classrooms to help the next generation meet the threat with better information.

The same is happening with the dangers of energy production from coal, gas, and oil. Thankfully, teachers are stepping up once again to bring better information to the next generation.

The solar surge in education can be seen worldwide thanks to widely available research on climate change from sources like NASA and the United Nations, which encourages educators to learn exactly how and why climate change is affecting the world.

Due to the severity of the situation and an increased need to properly educate the populous on the risks of fossil fuel use, organizations have popped up worldwide to help teachers educate students on climate change and renewable energy, both at home and abroad.

But outreach efforts aren’t limited to big programs and online databases. For example, teachers in Virginia are incorporating solar energy production into hands-on activities with their students

With the completion of solar panels at seven schools in Augusta County alone this year, Virginia schools are ensuring that their teachers learn more about the scientific applications of solar panels in order to pass the information along to their students.

“Solar energy is such a clean and simple way that we can save money. We can be better to the Earth and it just makes so much more sense to incorporate it. But to incorporate it, you have to know about it,” said Martha Mikell, a teacher at Stuarts Draft High School. 

Climate change will impact everyone, but it’s the newest generations that will face the most extreme results if action isn’t taken to reduce the carbon emissions caused by human activity. Thanks to teachers worldwide, maybe the next generation will also be the one that solves the climate crisis.

Only time will tell. 

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