If you’re a policymaker looking to speed up deployment of solar and renewable energy as a whole, take a lesson from Australia’s book. About 10 years ago or so, state governments Down Under proposed “feed-in tariffs” as federal authorities implemented solar rebates, covering 1/3 of consumers costs upfront.

Electricity costs have continued rising, so with lots of sunshine and high levels of homeownership as well as single-dwelling structures and wealth distributed fairly amongst the popular, a rooftop PV system is viable for a significant amount of people.

Nearly 2.4 million solar systems have been installed to date, and the lack of red tape regarding those installations is yet another factor in boosting the solar adoption numbers. With less drawn put approval processes, prices have remained lower as well – solar systems are currently priced about AUD $1 (roughly 70 USD cents) vs $2.69 per watt in the US.

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