Spearheaded by NV Energy, three major solar parks and large-scale transmission line project are set to enhance Nevada’s clean energy platform and will create over 700+ temporary jobs through 2023.

Once complete, the projects will total 478 megawatts of solar PV and 338 megawatts of battery storage, bringing the financial benefits of low-cost solar and storage to all of its utility customers. The state’s recently updated RPS plans require 50% of energy in the state to come from renewable energy sources to meet 2050’s lower carbon mission.  Here are the project details:

Dry Lake Project

  • 150-megawatt solar array
  • 100-megawatt, four-hour battery storage system
  • Located 20 miles northeast of Las Vegas

Boulder Solar II Project

  • 128-megawatt solar array
  • 58-megawatt, four-hour battery storage system
  • Located south of Boulder City

Chuckwalla Project

  • 200-megawatt solar array
  • 180-megawatt, four-hour battery storage system
  • Located 25 miles northeast of Las Vegas

The state already has 53 geothermal, solar, hyrdro, wind, and biomass projects activated, which includes 2,191 megawatts of solar and almost 700 megawatts of battery storage.

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