Monopolies are only ever good for one group – the monopolizers. It hurts society, innovation, and overall progress in any industry.

That’s why renewable energy is leading the fight against America’s dependence on fossil fuels. With rigorous competitors fighting to make the best energy production in the market, prices fall, and consumers win.

In the same vein, communities are beginning to democratize their access to energy, particularly when it comes to electricity generated from solar panels.

That’s how community solar has come to Minnesota.

In two recent studies released by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Minnesota SEIA, financial benefits for over 12,000 participating residents and businesses, over 4,000 jobs, and over $5 million in local property taxes are just the beginning of the major solar benefits one Minnesota sector is seeing from community solar. 

When customers participate in Minnesota’s community solar program, they can expect significant economic and environmental benefits not just for themselves, but for their communities.

Click here to see how shared solar assets are helping communities throughout the state.

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